The Things We Do For Love

I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve done to please my men, and I’ve been wondering whether I should just plow ahead as I am or if making minor adjustments to make him happy is what we do in relationships. Have you ever stocked your refrigerator with Red Bull or Guinness because you knew that’s what the guy you were dating liked?  How many times have you noted his likes and dislikes and made changes accordingly? Well, I have – and I still have some remnants of Red Bull (diet, nonetheless) and Guinness to prove it. I’ve also changed my appearance…

Bad Eye Make-Up

I don’t have issues with girls who wear tons of make-up that makes them happy. But, when Saul saw me one morning, after I’d slept in my make-up and my eyes had an extra layer of black underneath them, he was star-struck. I tend to wear my make-up relatively naturally so building up the black under the eyes was not my thing. But, when I saw his jaw hit the floor followed by the, “you look sexy” comment that came next, I decided to try something new.

I begin by piling on the black in ways I’d never considered. And, he loved it. But, it felt odd to walk around with so much make-up on, especially make-up that would have been previously considered to be reserved for the after-look of an evening of passion. Unfortunately for Saul, I had to put an end to my trashy make-up. I explained to him that, if he wanted to date a slut, then he should, but I wouldn’t be that girl. Now that I think about it, we didn’t last much longer… I need to check FB to see if he ended up with a slutty looking girl. Hmmm…

Infatuation Blue

Matt loved the color blue. Whenever he saw something that was his favorite color, be it a car, a scarf, or the sky, he would point it out. So, off to the mall I went. I collected blue dresses, blue shoes, and blue shirts. All in the name of Matt. But, as it turned out, Matt was so very much not the guy for me. He was one of those overly perky, overly needy, overly insecure, overly annoying guys I call my “anti-type”. So, while I need not worry about buying more blue for him, it does seem to be many guys’ favorite color so it wasn’t the worst thing ever.

Remaining Question

I’m a believer in the little things. When people do simple, kind things for you, that’s where you know they really care. It’s not the grand gestures that have the most meaning. So, the question remains whether I should change to make my significant other happy. My answer = yes and no. I’ll continue to try things that will make him happy. I might not really be game for wearing  heavy eye make-up so I won’t. But, I’ll pay attention to what my significant other likes and make minor adjustments that will be sure to make his smile. No need to dig my heel in the sand just to make a point if the goal is to be walking along that sandy beach hand-in-hand watching a beautiful sunset.

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