Sometimes a Crush Is Better from a Distance

As a pre-teen and a teenager (and, face it, even now), I have had a number of crushes. I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise given that I’ve already written about the fact that I’ve always had a thing for boys and would even say that boy crazy kind of sums it up.

I even plastered pictures of many of these fantastic, fabulous boys on my ceiling *sigh* so I could look at them as I drifted off to sleep.

Ricky Schroeder Look Alike

pre-teen heart throb

While many of my celebrity crushes were just hunky, gorgeous, adorable guys, one in particular reminded me of someone I knew. Or vice versa; Hunter Wilson and Ricky Schroeder could have been brothers. He was so very dreamy! In an interesting departure from Ricky’s sweet, white bread persona on Silver Spoons, Hunter was a true Texan with a hard core Texas drawl accompanied by the typical hunting attire and persona.  Hunter and I have never had a romantic moment, but I spent the majority of the fourth and fifth grades daydreaming of having him as me to “go with him”, the cool phrase when I was 10. What that meant, I have no idea. I think it meant you basically had a boyfriend who might carry your books or hold your hand.

Bon Jovi Heartthrob

There is nothing that quite compares to the moment when a girl realizes she has a crush on a boy. It’s magical, exciting, and, quite often, better than the real thing. And, in my heart, I think I’ve always known this to be the case. Enter Bruce Lewis. Bruce was two years older than me and my mother tutored him twice a week so I got to see him all of the time. My heart would race, my knees would go wobbly, and I’d get that shy smile that anyone who knows me well is amused to see each time it can’t be tamed, each time our eyes met. I seriously *sigh*as I think about it right now. We even had a somewhat double date to the Bon Jovi/Skid Row concert. After that, I was truly hooked. We danced on our chairs and had an amazing time. No goodnight kiss for this fourteen year-old and no follow-up dates that year.

Concert date in high schoolOr the next…

But, then, years later, Bruce and I found ourselves in the same city after college and, surprise of all surprises, he asked me out. It started out on a positive note – he introduced me to Lakeside Park, a beautiful scenic park I found myself visiting frequently while I lived in Dallas. He showed me the granite teddy bears that were across the bridge. We walked along the path by the water…

But, then, he wanted to go to his place for dinner and to hang out. Okay – fine. Not necessarily first date appropriate, but, in we had technically already had our first date years earlier. So, when he started kissing me, that was okay, too. Until he got a bit more aggressive with the kissing. And, it felt a bit rushed and out of synch with the date. His next step was the piece-de-resistance, because he accused me of being too frigid and told me that maybe I needed to get high in order to relax. What an arrogant… (Time out here – any guy who’s telling a girl to RELAX is a j-e-r-k.)

A guy trying to convince me that I need to be high so we can have better chemistry, is a d-bag. I explained that I didn’t do that and he put pressure on me to let him take hit and then blow the smoke in my mouth. Seriously? Who did this guy think he was? Needless to say, the date ended shortly thereafter along with our romance.

Key Take-Away

Hunter and Bruce are both current Facebook friends of mine, although under different names, of course, so no hard feelings about Hunter for never showing an interest in me and no hard for Bruce for being obnoxious. Maybe crushes are best left as figments of our imagination. Maybe we’re supposed to love them in our minds, long for them in our hearts, and avoid giving the real them the opportunity to burst our fragile balloons. In my opinion, the only time a crush should be coupled with a substantial relationship is when the crush develops as you get to know them… Or, it’s Rob Lowe. :-)

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