Revisiting the Past and Beginning the Future

My apologies, oh special readers as I took a lengthy break from this blog and have just decided to revisit my old friend. I haven’t decided on a frequency of sharing. I may even change course and share new concepts. It is interesting to reread previous posts because:

  • It gives me a chance to dissect my writing and consider how I could have better presented my stories.
  • It gives me an opportunity to remember some terrible dating experiences.
  • It allows me to revisit my past.
  • And it enables me to embark on a new future.

I have much to remember about how to use WordPress. And, I have much to learn. How to avoid getting caught up in finding the right images, something I admit I used to spend far too much time on.

This is the power of beginnings. One step in front of the other and we’re all set to delve into the future.


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