surprised-woman-face-with-open-mouth-wow-bubble-and-expression-look-and-word-vector-illustration-257221273As you may recall, I decided that it is time for me to put my money where my mouth is and make it happen. I will be getting married. No groom, no boyfriend, no prospects. But, it’s time. I’ve been saying I want to get married for as long as anyone has known me. But, now I’ve set a date. January 15, 2017. I started spreading the word to share my excitement and get the wheels spinning for those who may know a potential suitor but forgot I was looking for one.

After making my big announcement to friends and family, I was excited. I had a renewed approach to the world. Every networking event I decided to attend, every fundraiser, every anything could lead to the one thing I’ve decided I will get in the next year: A HUSBAND.

I was caught off guard by the responses I received from friends and family. Here’s a sampling:

Have you booked a venue?

Um, what? I got that response from more than one person. I may be a little crazy but I’m not downright out of my mind. So, to be clear. I will not be booking a venue anytime soon. If a friend thought it was fun to check out venues, however, I’d do it. It never hurts to explore. And, it may propel me to go on a date I’m not otherwise in the mood for. But, no, definitely not. No nonrefundable deposits will be made.

Does he know?

If there was a he and we were serious enough so that I didn’t need to set a deadline to give myself a better attitude about dating, then he’d definitely no. But, no. My wedding date was not determined and kept hidden from some poor guy.

Don’t lead with this on the first date.

I’m not going to share this right away. Or at all. The way my life goes, if I did there’s an excellent chance the guy would become excited and jump on the bandwagon and then be upset when I didn’t want to become his girlfriend in advance of our first kiss.

And that leads me to my favorite comment:

You need to get pregnant in March or April.

This person assumes that the only way I could possibly get a guy to marry me is to trick him with a baby on the way. That comment made me sad. My problem hasn’t been focused on finding a guy who would commit to me. My problem has been finding someone who brought commitment out in me. Or, as a speaker at a program I went to today said…

Find someone who makes you googly-eyed.

I’ll take some of that.

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