Pretty as a Picture

I have been so hopeful, so romantic, so sickly optimistic to have ventured out on more blind dates than I can count. And, the one I’m about to share is not the worst. And it is not the best. However, it is a great example of how fun blind dates can be.

Scott and I were fixed up by a mutual friend and we had plans to go to dinner. The day of our date arrived and I pulled out all of the stops so that, when the doorbell rang, I was feeling pretty darn attractive and that Scott was a lucky guy to be going out with me that night.¬†[Side note: this was years ago, when guys actually picked girls up for dates and girls weren’t so worried about guys being stalkers that they let them.]

I let Scott in for a few minutes and he started looking around my place. He was okay looking. He had apparently suffered from quite a few skin issues at some point that had left their mark, but fine overall. I could highlight other imperfections but that’s enough for now. I just want you to understand that he was not the best looking guy I’ve ever been out with so that you’re prepared for the magnitude of what he said next while looking at a picture of me.

You look really pretty… at some angles.

My jaw dropped. Did he just say that I looked good some of the time?


I replied. Hoping I had misheard him.

This is a great picture of you. You look pretty at certain angles.

I still wasn’t sure that I understood. And, since my fatal flaw is that I give every idiot more of a chance than they deserve, I laughed it off and said,

That’s probably not the best thing to say on a first date.

And I moved on. I know people have said that particular picture of me looks like Courtney Cox and I don’t think I look like her but he apparently picked up on the…certain angles that made other people say I might look like her. The rest of the night was fine. I tried to forget how the night began and it worked well enough.¬†

Again, with me giving too many chances… I said yes when he asked me out again. We met his friends for dinner with the plan of going for drinks downtown afterwards. I teased him at dinner about his comment. His friends thought it was funny and I thought maybe he realized his error.


While we were heading for the car, he reiterated his earlier sentiment about me and “certain angles.” I was shocked. And not so pleased. But, maybe he didn’t understand what an ass he was. Maybe I was taking him too seriously. Maybe I’m an idiot. But, I tried to lightly and playfully let him know that he had overstepped. So, I took on a light tone of voice and said,

Hey now…if we didn’t already have plans to go out downtown with your friends, I’d ask you to take me home.

He got in the car and started driving me towards home. I was shocked that he didn’t want to redirect me and let me know that he didn’t mean it. ¬†Apparently, he did. Oh, how I love blind dates!!

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