Online Dating, Oh My!

I’m nervous, excited, and kinda scared. Part of the reason I originally started this blog was to share my hilarious, yet painful dating experiences, many of which were made possible by the world wide web…

And now, today, I have decided to venture out, yet again, into that crazy, frightful world. My profile includes my essentials, such as that I am outgoing but need quiet time, that I’m sassy, and that I love the outdoors. His important attributes include living a healthy lifestyle, being a natural gentleman, and not being afraid to pick up the phone to ask a girl out. So, we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I look forward to sharing stories from the past, like the Whole Foods date I thought would never end, the guy who had some kind of drug flashback and flipped out, the guy who was a ton more fun electronically than in person, and many more.

And, I hope my stories from the present and future are the stuff romance novels are made of. What can I say? A girl can dream…

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