Lessons from Scotty McCreery

Baby lock the door and turn the lights down low…

How many times did Scotty McCreery repeat that same song lyric during his pursuit of a group that would accept him during American Idol’s group night. It was painful to watch him his rejection over and over again. But, he persevered. With a smile on his face and the charming enthusiasm as he sang the same ten words to anyone willing to listen. Over and over again.

Flash forward however many months to Scotty McCreery’s pinnacle moment of being named the highly coveted title of American Idol. He kept his eye on the prize.

While Josh Turner probably has a larger audience because of Scotty’s commitment to using his song to gain entrance to a group that night, no one has held onto Scotty’s initial rebuffs or even talked about how many times he was rejected before he found acceptance. The moral of the story? It’s where you end up that counts.

For my fellow single ladies experiencing any type of dating failure, take a note from the Scotty McCreery play book. Keep trying. Put that smile back on your face after every bad date. Continue to tell some of your favorite stories. Be glad they’re longer than ten words. And, when you get discouraged, appreciate that your trials and tribulations aren’t being recorded and shared with the masses. Most of all, keep your eye on the prize: Mr. Right for You.

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