Keeping it in Perspective

We have a choice of how we interpret the way we experience the world around us. ┬áSo, the other morning when I stepped on something foreign in the shower and looked down to find out that it was a cricket (YUCK!), I had a few choices…

First, before my brain kicked in, I screamed. However, I then tried to mute my screams, reminding myself that I wasn’t being attacked and I didn’t need/want to alert the neighbors. So, in that capacity, I made a choice.


Next, I realized that the thing under my foot was the reason my sleep had been interrupted many times the night before.

Upon reflection, I decided that the GOOD NEWS was that the cricket wouldn’t be bothering me anymore and the BAD NEWS was that I found that out by stepping on a cricket when I was in an unprotected and vulnerable state. In my mind, the best part was knowing the next night’s sleep would be better. And, the second best part was keeping it in perspective.


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