Hello!!! Party of 1? Party of 2? If you’re reading this, then we know we have a party of at least 2 so that’s something to be excited about!

I’ve decided that I should never have abandoned this glorious blog years ago when I accepted a position that sucked the life out of me. Perhaps this would have helped me keep a little of me during those dark days.

Either way, as I’ve reconnected with www.jenniefromtheblock.com, I’ve been entertained as I consider the “OLD” me and the “NEW” me. Ironically, I’m older and definitely know it. However, the new me doesn’t put up with some of the dating ridiculousness that the older version once considered acceptable. I reread some posts and thought, “poor girl, she was unfortunately naive and gives a real life example of what one means when they say ‘Bless her heart!'” As such, I’ve decided I need to write a blog post with such a title. And I will!

But, now that I’ve had a little vacation from my lovely blog, I’ve decided to shoot off my thoughts and feelings without worry. I used to agonize over finding the right pictures (I even wrote a blog post about the picture exploration process) and now, this time, moving forward, I’m going to try to just have fun and not get bogged down in the pretty.

I wish I could spend all of my time recounting all of my bad dates and then to shift so that I could share my love story as it unfolds.  But, I make no promises other than to stop lying dormant, to try to avoid my personal pitfalls of perfectionism, and to put myself out there.

And hopefully I will be a little funny or poignant or interesting at times.

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