Dating Has Me in the Dumps

Goodness – my brain is so all over the place that I keep sitting and contemplating whether this blog post title is grammatically correct. Does it really matter?  Well… to me, yes. I looked for an image of a girl in a dumpster and none were to be found. I could have titled this The Roller Coaster Ride of Dating because that’s another way to look at it. But, one is the cause, and the other, the effect.  The roller coaster is putting me in the dumps. :-(

I have gone out with Bryce more than a handful of times and I’m getting nauseated from the roller coaster that he takes me on  throughout each of our dates. We’re up. We’re down. We’re all over the place. And, the next day, I’m exhausted, sad, and angry.

Somehow, we don’t seem to get off on the right foot and then I spend the rest of the time making nice and ensuring he is happy and his needs are met so the date doesn’t continue to feel like we’re on shaky ground.  It feels so nit-picky to go into the details of he-said, she-said, but suffice it to say that he gave me unnecessary, rude sarcasm within the first five minutes of our last date and then I spent the rest of the date trying to get us to a better place. And, he was hot and cold the rest of the time to go along with that.

My conclusion is that we’re not connecting. My last relationship was six months of me worrying about his feelings, needs, etc. only to find that when I tried to communicate mine, he just dismissed me. So, for six months, my feelings were irrelevant. I am afraid of a repeat performance.  It may be clouding my judgement in this new situation or my instincts are putting me in reverse, flashing lights, and starting to beep and signal I’m getting the heck out of here.

Only time will tell…

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