37 Year Old Seeking Mate…Not Grandpa!

It has been a short two days since I hopped on the online dating bandwagon and, all that I can say for sure is that… I don’t think I’ve met my soulmate.

Key Disappointments To-Date

  • Ancient Interest: I am very appealing to the older set. I have no understanding of why the 91 year-old Frenchman thinks we’d be a good match or the sweet looking 50 something grandpa with his two maltese dogs believes I’m the gal for him. I am 37, not 55, not 65, not 85…
  • Instant Gratification: Guys want to IM immediately. They don’t want to take the time to say anything other than “hi” or “hello” or some kind of precanned line. To make matters worse, the site I joined has terrible IM’ing so it gets stuck. A lot.
  • Instant Gratification (part 2): Guys don’t want to communicate over email. They want to hit the phone lines. ASAP. This is why I miss eHarmony. Easy pacing. I don’t have to set the boundaries there. And, there is already an expectation of taking the time to get to know each other before exchanging numbers.
  • Spelling Errors: One guy is very “careing” and “giveing” and all kinds of other terrible things when you consider that elementary students know how to spell those words. Also, instead of posting in a profile, “I am looking for a woman who…”, they say,”I am looking for a women.” Huh?
  • Ageism: By my rough estimate, 80% of men online aren’t interested in dating women their own age. Maybe they want a family. Maybe they want a younger, firmer body. Either way, when it comes to online dating, it seems to me that they should pretend that they would be open to dating women their own age. The 91 year-old French man is maxed out at 49. The 50 year-old San Franciscan won’t go over 41. To me, that is bad form. And rude.
  • LOL: At the end of every other sentence and in the middle somewhere too – what? You heard me correctly. I don’t get it. “How are you today? LOL” or “Call me anytime. lol” or “lol – how was your day?.” Enough said. It doesn’t communicate a sense of humor. It conveys a sense of weirdness.

The one item I’ve left off is that I haven’t come across a single gentleman during my hours of searches who really stands out as someone I can’t wait to hear from. Not one.

And, so the hunt has begun. I didn’t think it would be a piece of cake. But, I was hoping it would feel exciting and create feelings of anticipation and eagerness. Or, I’d be sharing fun stories via my blog versus ranting about spelling and geriatric turnoffs. Guess not. (yet, at least. see – i’m not hopeless)

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